From the Dealing Desk- April 2018

I often get asked what about this “Tax free saving thing”. I thought we can have a look at why we should have a Tax Free Savings Account also see if there are real benefits to the investor. Let’s start with the reason we now have this product. This Investment vehicle was introduced by government […]

From the Dealing Desk- March 2018

This week we focus on momentum and how to use it when trading. Firstly we have to find the momentum shares. Momentum shares can be described as shares that are moving higher or lower in a trend. Momentum shares can be found by analysing the various sectors in the market and choosing the strongest trending […]

From the Dealing Desk- January 2018

It’s time to get going again with our newsletter and to provide the reader with some ideas or food for thought. In our last newsletter we referred to Shoprite as a possible trading idea with the possibility of a move higher in the short term based on a strengthening in currency due to political change. […]

From the Dealing Desk- December 2017

As we near the ANC conference next week it’s important to note that we could see huge volatility in the ZAR. This could have a meaningful impact on the equities market. My suggestion would be to keep a balanced portfolio and to keep in mind that the market will act emotionally but life will go […]