From the Dealing Desk -November 2017

From the dealing desk The instrument we are looking at this week is the Alsi 40 near dated future. The Alsi has been an index of two halves with commodities and Naspers moving higher and retail and financial shares moving sideways or lower. The Alsi looks like it is in the beginning of a consolidation […]

From the Dealing Desk – Investing in Food Producers

Food producers have been under severe pressure lately with the drought and the weak economic factors at play. The failure of government also providing clear policy regarding agriculture and farming and also failure to subsidise or support farmers have all made this sector a bit of a messy one to analyse. Currency fluctuations will also […]

From the Dealing Desk – The Retail Sector

  The retail sector is always an interesting sector to analyse. Reason for this is that it is a proxy for the health of the consumer. I have taken two shares to illustrate how investors have bought the defensive retailers and avoided or sold the more cyclical retailers. Shoprite has maintained its uptrend while Woolies […]