Our Team

Isabell Treurnich


Isabell has worked in a number of companies gaining experience in sales, marketing, training, tele-canvassing and business development. She started her career at Progressive Systems College in 1992 as a tele-canvasser.  She worked her way through the ranks and was offered to join the board of Directors in December 1997. She accepted the Chief Executive's position in August 2002.  Isabell completed the Registered Person Exams in 1999. She bought Share Direct (together with Patrick Moore) in January 2003. Patrick Moore subsequently sold his share holding to her in 2009. Isabell is also the chairperson of The Storehouse, a non profit organisation. The Storehouse assist in poverty relieve by providing clothing to other non-profit organisations for distribution. The Storehouse further provide housing and education for three refugee children.

Our Mentors

Sidney Launspach

ALSI Mentor & Portfolio Manager

Sidney is a professional derivatives trader and portfolio manager with a background in economics, having completed his degree in BCom Economics in 2006. He has experienced both prosperous and challenging times in the markets over the past 11 years, which has shaped his trading strategy to generate maximum revenue during uncertain times. He believes that being innovative and adaptable is key to success in the world of trading.

Johann Kruger

Forex Mentor

Johann has been trading Forex for over a decade.  He has managed offshore accounts for a local firm out of Salt Lake City in the USA, as well as trading on his own account in his private capacity.  He got his first taste of the markets through Share Direct and after finding great success in his career he has returned to train others in the art of trading.

Nicolle Wepener

Mentor and Presenter

Nicolle has been trading everything that moves since she first started learning about the financial markets through Share Direct in 2007. A financial market prodigy, Nicolle left the South African Navy to Invest and trade full time. She now leads hundreds of others towards financial independence through our guided Mentorship Programmes.